DevX-Magic Studio/GameRecovery/GameModding 

The utility is intended solely for the purpose of learning or debugging your own games, remember that the contents of games are intellectual property of the developers.

Now DevX-GameRecovery supports code recovery from games compiled using IL2CPP technology (from native code), currently ARM64 architecture (apk, ipa) is supported.




DevX-GameRecovery/MagicStudio/GameModding Utility security analysis and export data for Unity software.


- Opening of distribution files (Unity standalone files - Win, MAC, Linux / APK, iOS)
- View scene structures
- View resources content (text, images, sounds, meshes, scripts, scene objects)
- View scripts source code (decompile)
- Export resources and scripts (convert image asset to PNG, export Mesh to obj format, decompile assemblies, etc.)
- Export with make project for Unity software (scenes, plugins, scripts, resources - only for DevX-UnpackerStudio type license)

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