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The Demo versions will allow you partial functionality in order to assess the application for your needs.

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Antiviruses can report a suspicion of a trojan,
but this is a false positive, because it uses intrusion protection with encryption code and loading the program into memory.
For verification, use online services that are checked on a large number of anti-viruses. It will be more objective.

DevXUnity-Tools 7.11

Change log from previous build:

- Add export options: Disable export shaders (for minimize errors)
- Add progress bar for UnityUI
- Auto-Fix modifed/ecrypted assembly for generate project (convert assembly tot plugin)
- Fixed read monobehavior parameters for Unity 3.x (read links)
- Add support StateMachineBehaviour for recovery Animation controller
- Set export as Script by defauilt for classes based off UnityEngine.StateMachineBehaviour class (Animation Controller not support links to Plugin)
- Add support StateMachineBehaviour recovery for AnimationController
- Add to MonoScript and ScriptableObject inspector - script recovery tools
- Fixed: Generate materials
- Fixed critical bugs (for many child items on transform)
- Fixed error with Three View

Example Video:

File linkVersionFile sizeDescription
DevXUnityUnpackerMagicToolsSetup.zip7.1129,54 MbDevXUnity-Unpacker Magic Tools setup for Windows - Demo version
DevXUnityUnpackerMagicToolsArchive.zip7.1136,337 MbDevXUnity-Unpacker Magic Tools Archive for Windows - Demo version
DevXUnityUnpackerDemo-MAC.zip7.1138,137 MbDevXUnity-Unpacker Magic Tools for MAC OS - Demo version
DevXUnityUnpackerDemo-Android.apk7.1136,352 MbDevXUnity-Unpacker Magic Tools for Android Platform - Demo version
DevXUnityUnpackerDemo-WIN.zip7.1138,597 MbDevXUnity-Unpacker Magic Tools for WIN OS - Demo version (UnityUI Version)
DevXUnityEditor-GameRecovery-Demo.unitypackage7.1116,963 MbDevXUnity-GameRecovery for "Unity 3D 2018.1"
1) Create new empty project on Unity 2018.1.0f1 or higher
2) Set Script runtime version .NET 4.x (restart app)
3) Import .unitypackage
4) Open "MainScene"
5) Run
6) Enter licence
7) Restart app, Open "MainScene", Run


DevXUnity-Obfuscator Pro 2.16

Change log from previous build:

add support Unity2016.2f

File linkVersionFile sizeDescription
DevXUnityObfuscatorFree.unitypackage2.161,016 Mb

Unity3D - Serial Number License Tools 2.0

Change log from previous build:

File linkVersionFile sizeDescription

Unity3D - RSA Licensing Tools 2.0

Change log from previous build:

File linkVersionFile sizeDescription

DevXUnity-Obfuscator Pro CMD 2.35

Change log from previous build:

fixed license dialog

File linkVersionFile sizeDescription
DevXUnityObfuscatorCMD.zip2.34758,59 Kb