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Antiviruses can report a suspicion of a trojan,
but this is a false positive, because it uses intrusion protection with encryption code and loading the program into memory.
For verification, use online services that are checked on a large number of anti-viruses. It will be more objective.

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DevX-GameRecovery (MagicStudio, GameModding, RePacker, Unpacker): 

Current version 11.10 (2023.05.19)

ver 11.10 (2023/05/19)

- Allow dinamyc change decompilation type (IL2CPP) for view script as "CSharp" or "CSharp with ASM" in Viewer
- Added auto-search in the code of functions that call the 'SetAssetBundleDecryptKey' method
- Added auto-search in the code of functions that call the methods names with 'password', 'decrypt', 'encrypt'
- Add all system assembly to object tree item 'SystemAssembly' (for view more details in IL2CPP)
- IL2CPP restore: Sub classes include into parent class
- Add new item on tree "Scripts/Encryption information" (make on open game)
Contains information about functions where it can set a password, encryption key, functions are called:
- IL2CPP: TopMnu->Search form->"Search form" dialog: Add support search by class name, subclass name, class field names, class methon names
- IL2CPP: Fixed critical bug: with 64-bit Neon registrys

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