16.01.2018 Learn NServiceBus from .NET Core WebAPI
Convert an existing .NET Core WebAPI application to NServiceBus

16.01.2018 X86_64 IDE for MAC (rebirth of my Multi Emulator)
This project describes an X86 assembler IDE for the MAC developed using JavaFX. The starting point was an X86 emulator developed by the author in C++, which was subsequently ported to C#.

16.01.2018 First Look at .NET Core 2.0 with Visual Studio 2017 v15.3
End-to-end understanding of the ASP.NET Core 2.0. Also, develop & host a .NET Core 2.0 web API with Visual Studio 2017

16.01.2018 fastJSON
Smallest, fastest polymorphic JSON serializer (with Silverlight4 and MonoDroid support)

16.01.2018 How do Artificial Neural Networks learn?
The biggest power of ANNs is that they can be familiarized with some kind of problem in the process of training and are later able to solve problems of the same class – just like humans do! But how do they do that?

16.01.2018 A new Hash Function - ZobHash
Can we write a new better hash function?

16.01.2018 Cinchoo ETL - CSV Reader
Simple CSV file reader for .NET

16.01.2018 Integrating with Google Maps via a Desktop Application
How to integrate with Google Maps via an MFC dialog based application

15.01.2018 An Autoit Program for Automatic BackUp and Encryption of Files
A program for automatic backup with possibly encrypt

15.01.2018 Web development with .NET Core 2.0, Angular 4 and MySQL. Part 1
Web development with .NET Core 2.0, Angular 4 and MySQL. Part 1

15.01.2018 An Enhanced Mathematical Expression Recursive Descent Parser in C#
A very scalable recursive descent math expression parser with built in math functions and variable storage in C#

15.01.2018 Practical Electronics For Makers (Part 1 of N)
Intro and Chapter 1 - In this book, we will learn basic electronics as we build our first circuit, learn what electronic components do and finally build our own devices.