Release UnpackerTools v2.42

Release DevXUnity-UnpackerTools v2.42


ver 1.42

- optimizations

- add support mp3, wav, ogg for old unity

- add support save as PVR file (for PVRTC_RGB4, PVRTC_RGBA4, ETC_RGB4)

- fix for make unity scenes (Export unity project)


ver 1.40

- add support texture formats:





ver 1.38

- fix: asset parsing for uniti gen ver 9


ver 1.37

- fixed: view alpha texture

- fixed: export images

- fixed: generage C# scripts


ver 1.36

- add for replace image: ETC2_RGBA8, ETC2_RGBA1, ETC2_RGB, ETC1

- add save apk file


ver 1.35

- add for replace image: DXT1, DXT5 formats



ver 1.33

- add bundle XianjianCodec

- fixed: open apk files



ver 1.32

- Add: Analize not standart Texure2D assets


ver 1.29

- Add: Asset fields edit

- Add: All assebly strings view and edit

- Add: Image view - can select fon

ver 1.28

- Fixed: export for equals names

- Add: Replace Texture by image (png, jpg, bmp..) with auto convert and make mipmap levels

ver 1.27

- Fixed: export for equals names

ver 1.26

- Fixed: Export and save DDS format

- Add: Replace content in assets: Texture, TextAsset, Sounds (work for Standelone games)

ver 1.25

- Fixed: Export images & sounds

- Fixed: Parse sounds

- Fixed: Generate scene files


ver 1.24

- Add support play asset sound from UI

- Add auto audio convert from fsb to wav format on export

ver 1.22

- Texture ETC3_RGBA - formar fixed


ver 1.21

ver 1.20

- bugs fixed

ver 1.19

- Add more unity version support

- Bundle unpack - fix bugs




ver 1.18

- Add more unity version support

ver 1.17

- Open assets - fix bugs

- Bundle unpack - fix bugs

- add drag and drop files to MainUI

ver 1.14

- Add on "Hex RAW" page add button "Save to HEX dump"

- Add on left tree context menu "Save metadata", "Load metadata" - for custom change asset items parser

- Bundle unpack - fix bugs


ver 1.13

- Memory usage optimizations: Fixes bug when exporting large assets

- Added warnings when opening the viewing of Texture2D - when an additional file has been left in which the image is stored